I'm a Bachelor's in Computer Science from Sir M. Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology. My professional experiences started in the third semester when I was introduced to a start-up called Supertext. That marked my first internship. I worked on building an Android Application with my mates that aided Supertext's delivery team.
The next milestone was immediately in the next semester with Grinions, another start-up where I interned as a Python Developer. The work here primarily involved in aiding the development of a webapp built using Python Flask.
My fifth semester marked my first big internship. This was with the DevOps team at FreeCharge Pvt. Ltd. Soon after, I had the oppurtunity to intern in the Machine and Language Learning Lab in the Department of Computational and Data Sciences at Indian Institute of Science where I worked on building a web dashboard for the continous learning system, NELL.
This was also the semester where I got the chance to contribute to the open source project by The Italian Mars Society (a sub org. under Python Software Foundation) during Google Summer of Code 2017.
In my pre-final semester, was at Bosch as a Machine Learning intern in the Eyecare department where I closely worked with deep learning models.
I was a Data Science Intern at InMobi, Bangalore, and worked on many prediction related problems involving images. Currently part of the ML and AI Team at InMobi as a Research Analyst working on Deep Learning models.

I've also published a technical paper in the International Journal of Computer Applications, "A Novel Double Backtracking Approach to the N-Queens Problem in Three Dimensions. International Journal of Computer Applications 169(5):1-5, July 2017".

I'm a crazy football fan - following the Chelsea Football Club for nearly a decade. My major field of interest in Machine Learning, Deep Learning in particular even though I have had a stint at mobile and web technologies. Another hobby that would make some sense in this context is that I'm also a competitive coder.